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RECIPE - Pears, Green Beans & Greek Yogurt

Ingredients2 pears 1 C green beans  1/4 C Greek yogurt  How to Make It Peel and chop the pears.  In a sauce pan, add a small amount of water and poach the pears until tender.  Set aside.  Wash, tip and tail the green beans and steam until tender.  Chop until...

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RECIPE - Pears, Peas & Spinach

Ingredients1 Pear  1/2 C  peas  1/2 C fresh chopped spinach leaves  1 T poaching liquid Peel and chop the pears.    How To Make It In a sauce pan, add pears and a small amount of water,  poach until tender.  Drain pears and save poaching liquid. Chop and wash spinach.  Place...

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