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RECIPE - Pears, Green Beans & Greek Yogurt

Ingredients2 pears 1 C green beans  1/4 C Greek yogurt  How to Make It Peel and chop the pears.  In a sauce pan, add a small amount of water and poach the pears until tender.  Set aside.  Wash, tip and tail the green beans and steam until tender.  Chop until...

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RECIPE - Pears, Peas & Spinach

Ingredients1 Pear  1/2 C  peas  1/2 C fresh chopped spinach leaves  1 T poaching liquid Peel and chop the pears.    How To Make It In a sauce pan, add pears and a small amount of water,  poach until tender.  Drain pears and save poaching liquid. Chop and wash spinach.  Place...

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Introducing Squooshi: Reusable Food Pouches

Hi, I'm Shannon and this is my son Reid. Together with my dad Noel, we created Squooshi You can read more about our story, or get the quick version here.  Squooshi started with an idea that I had when Reid was 15 months old. As a mom trying to feed my son...

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