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Hi, I'm Shannon and this is my son Reid. Together with my dad Noel, we created Squooshis. You can read more about our story, or get the quick version here.



Squooshi started with an idea that I had 18 months ago.  As a mom trying to feed my son the healthiest, homemade food possible, I saw a need for a product that just wasn't out there.  One that I thought could be so helpful: a reusable pouch for squishy food. Like yummy green pudding with pears, peas and spinach. And pumpkin purees perfect for the Halloween season.


Squooshi pouches are for all parents who care about what their kids eat, have trouble getting their kids to eat healthy, or don't like the high cost of packaged food. They're also great for parents to take to work, or on hikes and bike rides. Check back soon for more design choices for all age groups!


In addition, Squooshi pouches help reduce the waste created by off the shelf squeeze food pouches.


What I think is cool, is that 18 months after the initial idea, the need still exists (and is actually even greater as more families look for food pouches), and now we have a product that can help!


I hope you enjoy Squooshi pouches as much as we do in our house. Get your Squooshi!


Happy Squooshi-ing!


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