Squooshi Pouches for your lunchbox

Squooshi Reusable food pouches will rock your kids lunchbox!

 The new Tattle Magazine's September issue has quite a line up of cool gear for back to school that any kid will sure to love, and Squooshi is included.

 Squooshi pouches can be filled with applesauce, smoothies, soup, hummus, yogurt & more! Simply fill through the sturdy bottom zipper or with the Squooshi Filliing Station and they are ready to go!  These fun pouches are also freezer safe, making them the perfect for frozen summer slushies.  But the best part?   Your kids will bring them home and they can be washed and reused.  Ditch those pre filled squeeze pouches and make your own!  You'll save money, reduce waste and your kids will love them.

 Fill, eat, wash, repeat!  It's that easy.