The Squooshi Manifesto



To let every child’s first food, whenever possible, be wholesome and homemade. We endeavor to let every infant and child, whenever possible, reap the benefits of ... Read More

Squooshi Reusable Food Pouch | Applesauce 3 ways

Applesauce 3 ways for your Squooshi pouchApple picking season is just wrapping up back East, and there is no shortage of apples around. We picked up a few bags of apples at a local stand and I made large batches of applesauce to fill Squooshi pouches with. Applesauce is perfect for pouches in the freezer and can be stored... Read More

Squooshi's famous "Little Green Monster"

Little Green Monster Recipe from Squooshi

This has been a favorite recipe in our house for several years.  It started as a green smoothie that was tweaked and perfected to our taste and then named “The Little Green Monster” in honor of Reid, who is my own little green monster.

<... Read More

Popeye's Ice Cream from Blendtec

Popeye's Ice cream from Blendtec for a Squooshi Pouch

I am really excited about the warmer weather on the way and all of the great healthy frozen concoctions we can put in a Squooshi, so when Blendtec so kindly sent me a blender to test out, I was thrilled to see a number of frozen recipes.  This is the first thing I made and I have to say i... Read More