Popeye's Ice cream from Blendtec for a Squooshi Pouch

I am really excited about the warmer weather on the way and all of the great healthy frozen concoctions we can put in a Squooshi, so when Blendtec so kindly sent me a blender to test out, I was thrilled to see a number of frozen recipes.  This is the first thing I made and I have to say it’s been a huge hit.


Popeye’s Ice Cream
3/4 c half and half
1/4 c agave nectar
1/2 banana
2/3 c nonfat dry milk (I used Organic Valley)
2 c fresh spinach
1 1/2 T vanilla extract
2-3 c ice cubes


For a Blendtec, add ingredients to jar in order listed and select “ice cream”.
I haven’t tried this with my other blenders but I would blend the same way you blend something with ice cubes and go for a smooth consistency.
Spoon or pour into your favorite Squooshi and serve immediately or freeze for later.


We froze additional pouches and have been taking them out and setting them on the counter for about 30 minutes to soften them up a bit and then it’s like a vanilla soft serve!  Incredibly delicious!


Reid said “this is sooooo good mom, I think I want to eat this every day, all day long.”  I agree with him!   Now I’m going to experiment with coconut milk instead of half and half and powdered coconut milk instead of the nonfat milk.  It might not stand up as well but since we’re putting it in a Squooshi in the freezer, it could be great!


I hope you enjoy this as much as we did and thank you Blendtec!

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