With every wholesome meal we give our children, we also give the gift of better health - now, and for years to come. A few tips for optimal nutritional benefit in your Squooshi reusable food pouch fillings:

  • To reduce exposure to pesticides, chemical preservatives, and synthetic hormones, opt for organic, locally grown and raised, GMO Free, ingredients whenever possible.
  • Think of a rainbow when creating your purees. Strawberries. Chard. Spinach. Strawberries. Carrots. Yellow peppers. A variety of colors ensures a variety of minerals and vitamins. 1 cup of raw, pureed fruits and veggies is equivalent to 7 cups of cooked produce. That’s something worth Squooshing about!
  • Aim for a thick, apple-sauce like consistency in your Squooshi recipes, blending whole cooked grains, fruits, vegetables, yogurts, broths, legumes and more.