Here at Squooshi® we are committed to respecting your privacy and illustrating our gratitude for your trust. We share the following so as to illustrate the actions we take/ will take/ have taken, to protect your privacy.

What we consider your private information:

  • Your name
  • Your address
  • Your email address
  • Credit / Debit card information
  • Bank account number and information
  • Any additional questions we may ask you that could be used to identify you by a third party.

How we may use your information:

  • Process your order
  • Track your order
  • Respond to your customer service needs
  • Contact you with relevant product information and news related to Squooshi
  • To track how and when you visit our site and how long you spend on each page, to help us understand how we can improve our service and product(s).
  • To understand trends and statistics regarding our product.
  • To help you find helpful products, information and services related to Squooshi.
  • To understand your lifestyle and learn how we may better serve you, and families like yours.
  • We collect cookies for advertising and marketing purposes.  You can eliminate the use of cookies on your computer by turning "cookies off" on your computer's browser
  • We may be required by court orders or other laws to divulge information about you to law enforcement authorities, to government agencies or to the court. If this situation should arise we will notify you unless legally bound not to.

What we do NOT do with your information:

  • Sell, lease, rent, or give your information to another company or third party.
  • We use non-persistent cookies on our site to control shopping carts however, they are temporary and will be removed when you close your browser window. You can eliminate the use of cookies on your computer by turning "cookies off" on your computer's browser. However, if you choose to do this, you may not be able to order products from Squooshi's shopping cart.


  • At any time you may choose to contact us regarding changes you would like made to your information or to opt-out of receiving communications from us.
  • You may also revoke consent for future contact with Squooshi® at any time by sending an email message to If you revoke your consent to use your information, it will all be erased within one week.

Links does contain links to other sites however we are not responsible for the privacy practices or content of other web sites.


The security of the information that you provide to us is very important to us and we have taken the following measures to protect your privacy:

  • Your credit/debit card will only be used for the processing of your purchase payment.
  • All transactions involving sensitive information, such as your credit/debit card number, are conducted using an SSL (Secure Socket Layer protocol) connection.
  • We will not disclose your information to any third parties unless required to do so by law.


Substantial changes to this privacy policy will be posted at least 30 days prior to the change taking effect. Any information collected under this current policy will remain bound by the terms of this privacy policy. After the changes take effect, all new information collected, if any, will be subject to the revised privacy policy. This policy has been updated as of May 15, 2014.

Contact Information

If you have questions about this policy please contact us at