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These new 6-packs of Squooshi Animal pouches are a bright addition to our lineup of reusable and refillable food pouches.  Now you can choose your child's favorite Animal pouch.  Squooshi Animal pouches are great for the entire family with their fun characters. Fill them with baby food, soup, applesauce, yogurt, oatmeal, smoothies and more! Perfect for a toddler snack, your child's lunchbox (or your lunchbox!), sports practice, travel or hiking. Squooshi Animal pouches are always good on the go! Capacity: Up to 6 fl oz (175mL) Dimensions: 4 inches x 6 5/8 inches; Quantity: 6 large pouches Other features: Easy to fill through sturdy bottom zipper. Clear window to view contents. Easy to clean! No folds or creases for food to get stuck in. Freezer Safe, Dishwasher Safe. No choke cap.