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Squooshi is excited to announce the newest addition to it's line of products, the Squooshi Filling Station.


The Filling Station is the easiest, no mess way to fill your Squooshi reusable pouches with nutritious fresh food. This compact container allows you to prepare pureed food directly inside the container, and fill up to 6 large pouches in just seconds!  The Filling Station makes it easy to cook large batches of food and freeze multiple Squooshi pouches for an on the go snack or meal.  

This kit includes six Orange G.O. 4.5 oz. Reusable Pouches, one 750 ML container with non-slip grip, one Masher/Plunger, one Detachable Silicone Non-skid Base, one Silicone SureSeal Plunger Cap, one Silicone Spout Cap and Complete, detailed Instructions and Care Guide.


The Special Introductory Price is only available for a Limited Time so order Today !


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