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Squooshi Fill n Squeeze

What's a Squooshi Fill n Squeeze?
Good question!  The first time I saw this little tank with a pouch attached to the nozzle, I had to find out more.  It turned out to be such a great tool that I thought Squooshi should offer them as another option to easily fill our reusable pouches. The Fill n Squeeze is a compact, no mess, filling station that will fill up to four large 4.5 oz pouches in just seconds, making this the ideal tool to use for batch cooking and filling Squooshi's for fridge or freezer storage.


Best of all, it's a snap to use!
Follow these simple instructions, or just scroll to the end for a video.


1.Date & label your Squooshi pouch with the recipe name.  You can use our dissolvable labels found here.


2. Prepare your puree using one of the following blending methods:
Blend externally using a blender or food mill and pour into the filling tank.
Blend directly in the filling tank using a hand blender.Squooshi Fill n Squeeze


3. Zip the seal on the bottom of your Squooshi pouch and remove the cap. Place the spout of the cap on the end of the filling tank nozzle, push securely into place.Squooshi Fill n Squeeze


4. Place the "plunger" in the filling tank and slowly depress to push the puree into the pouch.  (do not pull the plunger upwards as this will suck the puree out of the pouch) Fill your Squooshi 3/4 full to ensure you don't overfill.
Squooshi Fill n Squeeze


5. Leave the plunger in the filling tank, take the next pouch, remove the cap and repeat until your filling tank is empty.


6. To clean your Fill n Squeeze, wash by hand with warm soapy water or place in the top rack of your dishwasher. Air dry all pieces.


7. Enjoy multiple Squooshi's now or store in the fridge or freezer for a later date.


TIP: To stop the filling tank from dripping, ensure plunger is in contact with the puree. This helps to ensure an air tight vacuum inside the tank.


To watch a Fill n Squeeze video, click here. 


The Squooshi Fill n Squeeze is sold as a kit which includes Squooshi pouches, labels and caps, or on its own. To learn more details or to purchase a Squooshi Fill n Squeeze, click here.

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Catherine Compton:

Hi there can ypu get a filling station in new Zealand?

Kind regards Catherine

October 09 2015 at 03:10 PM

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