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At Squooshi, we like to say FILL. EAT. WASH. REPEAT. It's that easy. After all, our goal is not only to reduce the waste of single use food pouches, but also to make it easy for you and your family to enjoy homemade wholesome goodness anytime.


Prepare your favorite squishy food. We suggest making your purees a bit thicker, like applesauce, so they're less likely to spill out as little hands eat and play.


Pour or spoon your prepared or pureed food directly into your Squooshi.  Squooshi pouches open easily through a bottom zipper.  Our zipper was developed over a two year period so we're pretty sure we have the strongest zipper in town!
Wipe away any seeds or food bits from the zipper, then pinch closed. Make sure the zipper bottom is sealed completely after filling.


Put your Squooshi right in your diaper bag, lunch box, or gym bag or....
Freeze your pouches for later or...
Take your Squooshi right to the beach!
When it's time to clean up, Squooshi pouches are dishwasher safe, or just wash by hand with warm soapy water.  We designed our reusable pouch so that it has rounded shoulders with no folds or creases for food to get stuck in, so it's really easy to clean!


Read more about How to Clean your Squooshi here. Get Squooshi today.




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