Fill n Squeeze Tank

Reusable food pouches
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The Fill n Squeeze Tank is the easiest, no mess way to fill your Squooshi reusable pouches with nutritious fresh food. This compact unit allows you to prepare pureed food directly inside the filling tank, and fill up to 4 large pouches in just seconds!  The Fill n Squeeze Tank makes it easy to cook large batches of food and freeze multiple Squooshi pouches for an on the go snack or meal.  

Tank Only.  Perfect for those that have plenty of pouches on hand. 

This package includes one pouch filling tank, one plunger (which doubles up as a masher), and a yellow filling spout cap.

Fill n Squeeze 
Filler Tank Capacity - 17 fl.oz  (500mL) This will fill approximately 7 small pouches or 4 large pouches.
Filler Tank Dimensions - 6" high x 4" in diameter
Plunger, which doubles as a masher
Yellow cap for filling spout